Buivydikšių dvaras
Buivydiškių dvaras
Buivydiškių dvaras

Buivydiškės manor

The old manor of Vilnius region

Buivydiškės village starts on the north-western edge of Vilnius, where one of the oldest manors in Vilnius region can be found.

Buivydiškės or Budziviškės were first mentioned as early as in the 12th century in the Crusader Chronicles. The manor belonged to the family of Šventaragis. In 1493, the sources mention Šventaragis Manor located in this area, according to historians, Buivydiškės could have been called Sudervė of Šventaragis. After the death of Vaitiekus Šventaragis in the second half of the 15th century / the first half of the 16th century, the manor was acquired by Vilnius Voivode Mikalojus Radvila and Buivydiškės became a suburban villa of Radvila family until 1790.

At the end of the 18th century, the manor was mortgaged to Jonas Skardžinskis, the builder of Trakai Voivodeship, from the beginning of the 19th century it belonged to the Marshal of Noblemen Antanas Lapa. In 1865, Vasily Tyzenhauz bought the manor, he reconstructed the buildings and built some new outbuildings. Around 1901, the manor was bought by a road engineer lieutenant general Dmitry Buturlin. His daughter, Liudmila ruled Buivydiškės until 1940. In 1953, Buivydiškės Soviet farm was established in the manor. In 1961, the manor was transferred to Buivydiškės Agricultural Technical School, later the Faculty of Agrotechnology of Vilnius College moved here.

The manor today

Since 1996, Buivydiškės Lower Secondary School operates in the manor house. Buivydiškės Manor homestead consists of a palace, two oficinas, an ice house and two houses. The manor has been built on a man-made hill on a small island surrounded by blossoming flowers in the ponds formed by building a dam on the Sudervėlė Rivulet, the park of the manor has been preserved. During the Soviet era, a new park was designed near the manor by a landscape architect Antanas Tauras.
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