Užutrakis Manor

The oldest history

The peninsula between Galvė and Skaistis lakes, where Užutrakis Manor is located, has been mentioned in historical sources as an estate of Tatar nobles since the 14th century. With the passage of time, many hosts changed. In the 19th century, the manor was bought by the Count Józef Tyszkiewicz (1835-1891). His son, also Józef (1863-1867), founded a family residence in Užutrakis.

The residence of the Count Tyszkiewicz

The luxuriously decorated, ornate palace was designed by a Polish architect Juzef Huss. The whiteness of the building is accentuated by the blue of the lakes and the terraces overlook the Trakai Islands and the castle. A renowned French landscape architect Eduard François André, who came here in 1898, was invited to designs the manor’s surroundings. The mixed-style park featured linden alleys, ornamental flower beds, numerous ponds that connect with the lakes or with each other, marble vases and antique sculptures. The botanist E. F. André planted a wide variety of trees and shrubs, as well as herbaceous plants.

To the present day

The family of the Counts Tyszkiewicz ruled Užutrakis Manor until World War II, when the manor homestead was nationalised. During the war the, German occupation authorities were located here, and after the war, the KGB settled here. During this period, the manor was significantly affected. Today Užutrakis Manor is managed by Trakai Historical National Park Directorate, the buildings are being restored, the park is being recreated (the sculptures are being returned to it), and cultural events are taking place.
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