Saldutiškis manor

Saldutiškis Manor has been mentioned since the end of 18th century- the beginning of the 19th century. Saldutiškis Manor was bought by Antanas Jaloveckis (1772–1852). In 1830, Boleslovas Jaloveckis (1846-1917), later inheritor of the Manor of the Jaloveckis family, built a Classicist style manor house and other buildings, planted a large park of rare plants, an orchard and flower gardens.

In 1899, after the construction of the Panevėžys-Švenčionėliai narrow gauge railway through Saldutiškis at the initiative of Boleslovas Jaloveckis, the settlement of Saldutiškis started to grow. Then a road was built between the narrow gauge railway station and the manor, some poplars were planted.

During the German occupation of Lithuania in 1915-1918, Saldutiškis became the centre of the county (Kreis Sołdaciszki, Sylgudiszki or Saldugischki) with its headquarters at Saldutiškis Manor. The county covered a part of Švenčionys county and Zarasai county in Tsarist times, including Ignalina, Dūkštas, Salakas, Tauragnai.

Mečislovas Jaloveckis, Boleslov’s only son, worked as a clerk at Vilnius Land Bank. He travelled extensively throughout Lithuania and captured about 1500 Lithuanian and Polish manor houses in his watercolour paintings. After his father’s death, Mečislovas Jaloveckis returned to Lithuania, however, he did not stay at Saldutiškis but left for Poland, in 1962, he died in London.

Th 20th century

In 1938, Saldutiškis Manor housed the Salesian convent monastery, which operated until World War II and was closed in 1940. During the war, a hospital was established at the manor. In 1945-1952, Saldutiškis Manor housed the headquarters of Saldutiškis NKVD destruction battalions.

The manor today

At present, Saldutiškis manor ensemble consists of the palace and the remains of the barn (which was built in 1843 and in 1928 was used for the construction of St. Francis of Assisi Church in Saldutiškis), an ice-cellar, a barn and the stables of the 19th century.

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