About us

Historically, the most prominent representatives of culture and art frequently visited and gathered at the manors – the centres of culture and education. Today, the halls of Lithuanian castles and manors are filled with the sounds of the most beautiful music concerts and other events.

The walls of castles and manors can tell many astonishing stories and legends to those exploring our country with billowy meadows and fields and rustling forests, those wanting to learn more about the Lithuanian heritage.

The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors, which unites natural and legal entities – the owners and managers of Lithuanian castles and manors and other persons who are concerned with the preservation of cultural heritage of the Lithuanian castles and manors - has been operating since 2005.

Castles and manors of Lithuania are heritage sites, which have functioned as administrative, political and cultural centres of the area for centuries, as well as the treasuries of the history of our nation and country. Our goal is to make sure they are preserved, re-constructed and restored, open to the public, fostering culture, operating in tourism and other industries.