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Lithuanian castles and manors open their doors and gates, and invites to the playful, but also really serious, mysterious journey. 
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Travelling project

Summer 2022 – Autumn 2023

KEY – the hint of the possibility to open the doors to the new cultural heritage discoveries. Search for it at every Lithuanian castle or manor participating in the EXPLORE LITHUANIAN MANORS 2022 project.


 Print out the traveler’s card (you can also get it at every castle or manor participating in the project)

 Visit a castle or manor

 Get symbolic key – sticker

 Collect at least 15 stickers and participate in the lottery. The most active travelers will be invited to the final event at one of the manors.

To participate in the lottery, you have to send your traveler’s card with stickers by e-mail or post to the Lithuanian castle and manor association. One traveler can submit one card.

Important: always to check the actual information about visiting time of the chosen castle or manor.


Let the discoveries at Lithuanian castles and manors to become your travelling adventure!

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Among the participating in the project – BiržaiMedininkaiTauragėPanemunėTrakai island ir Trakai peninsula castles, AlantaAntašavaAukštoji FredaBistrampolis, BurbiškisIlzenbergasKelmėKuršėnai, LipliūnaiLiubavasMarkučiaiPaežeriaiPaliesiusPlungė,  Rokiškis, TuskulėnaiVerkiai, AristavėlėAbromiškėsJurbarkasHugo ŠojusRenavas manors, Sirutis palace.