Aštriosios Kirsnos dvaras
Aštriosios Kirsnos dvaras
Aštriosios Kirsnos dvaras

Aštrioji Kirsna manor

Kirsna is the name of the Yotvingian origin, meaning the Black River. Aštrioji Kirsna was first mentioned in documents in the 16th century. In 1592, the manor was donated to Povilas Sapiega, who is considered to be the founder of AštriojiKirsna Manor.

In 1755, it was given to Juozapas Tadas Karenga. The manor’s inventory was drawn up on the basis of his order, which stated that the manor had a two-story wooden decaying palace, a two-story brick-house, stables, shed, barn, brewery and mill. There were also three taverns that belonged to the manor. In 1777, the inventory of the manor described a one-story brick palace that unfortunately burnt down in 1787 in the event of a fire. It mentions massive outbuildings, pond system, fence and decorative gates. Later, as the son of J.T. Karenga, Marshal H. Karenga ruled the manor, it was rebuilt into a two-storey brick palace.

In 1850, the manor became the property of the Gavronski family. At that time the manor had a brick workshop, a distillery, a lime workshop, a mill and a sawmill. In 1927, a lower school of agriculture was established at AštriojiKirsna Manor.

In 1940, the Soviet government nationalised the manor, offices and apartments were established in the manor house. In 1992, the manor was returned to its inheritors.

An exclusive ensemble of the manor buildings and a park

Aštrioji Kirsna Manor, surrounded by a park, is built on an undulating terrain. Today, the manor is one of the largest in Dzūkija with 19 buildings and a park. The architecture of the buildings reflects the stylistic features of classicism, romanticism and other historical periods.

Since 2001, the manor has been taken care of by new owners, who have started to rebuild buildings and restore the park. The manor houses a farm of deer and horses, organises various celebrations, educational programmes, photo shoots, and other activities.
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