Čiulai Manor

Čiulai Manor is located in the Labanoras Regional Park on the shore of Lake Ramis, about 13 km east of Molėtai.

It was founded by Jonas Jasinskis in the first half of the 19 century (the manor was already marked on the map of 1836), after the departure of the Napoleonic soldiers who had established their camp in this place. In the second half of the 19th century, Jasinski sold the estate to Jonas Povstanskis, who moved in and abolished serfdom.

In 1897, J. Povstanskis transferred the Manor to his son Liudomir, who had graduated from agronomy in Switzerland. Liudomir successfully developed agriculture in Čiulai, the Manor owned 500 ha of land and 1000 ha of forest. 

L. Povstanskis was active in the political life of the country. Together with Mykolas Riomeris published the newspaper Gazeta Wileńska, he also was a political ally of Antanas Smetona (worked in Vilnius News).

In 1941 The Manor was destroyed by the Red Army. During the Nazi occupation, the Manor housed the SS headquarters. Under the Soviet occupation the Manor housed a school, then a collective farm offices, a cinema, a dance hall, and a medical center.

After regaining independence, the Manor was returned to the daughters of L. Povstanskis, and in 2017 their cousin Elena and Aistis bought the estate.

Built in the second half of the 19th century, four historic buildings are still remaining: the manor house, the barn, the granary, and the miller's house.

The manor house is a rare example of wooden resort architecture (Swiss style) and is more reminiscent of a Swiss chalet than a typical Lithuanian mansion. There are 31 windows on the first floor alone, the house columns and the balcony was decorated with many openwork ornaments. The barn and granary, miller's house are of made of stone and red brick which are typical building materials to that period.

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