Manor of President Antanas Smetona

The Museum Complex of the Užugiris region consists of A. Smetona's home, a school built in 1935 under the President's care and a manor with land.

The manor of the President Antanas Smetona is located on the picturesque southern bank of the lake Lėnas. It is located 2 km south of Lėnas village, 1 km west of the President's birthplace Užulėnis. The history of the manor begins with the 60th anniversary of A. Smetona. In 1934, while celebrating the President's birthday, it was decided to give him a plot of land in his homeland.

In the summer of 1937, after building a residential home, A. Smetona and his family spent the summer here for the first time. The manor in Užugiris was a place of rest and reflection for the President.

Užugiris Area Museum is located in the street village of Užulėnis, in a palace-like building. In 1935, one of the most modern Lithuanian primary schools was established here, and since 2003 the school has started to build a museum. The locals "entrusted" to the museum their household items, textiles and expensive family relics made by their ancestors with love.

The old crafts education centre is located next to the museum, where visitors participate in events of an ethnographic nature, get acquainted with the history, traditions, customs and culinary heritage of this region. We invite you to visit the arranged interwar school class, where you can sit at the desk and write with a feather in a notebook.

Next to the school, across the street, there was the President's homeland but now only a lever well and old apple trees remain. A model of A. Smetona's parents' house was built next to them in the garden.

A monument dedicated to him was unveiled to celebrate the 145th birthday of the first President of Lithuania, the Signatory of the February 16 Act, Antanas Smetona.

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