Gulbinėnai Manor

In written records the Manor was first mentioned in17th century. The Manors ensemble consists of 7 buildings on a 20 ha area, 12 ha of which are occupied by a park.

Manors' buildings and the park are included in the register of cultural values.

In 1936 a chapel was founded and consecrated in the manor house.

Also throughout many years the manor house served as a school: in 1920 a primary school, 1945-2002 seven-year-old, eight-year-old, since 2002 elementary school, Children's Day Center of Krinčín.

1925 - 1940 the manor belonged to Kazys Ladiga, the warlord of the Lithuanian independence struggle. 

First in 1993 the Manor buildings were returned to K. Ladiga's heirs. Then in 2000 the Manors land. 

Location on the map:

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