Barborlaukis Manor

Barborlaukis Manor is located in the middle of Lithuania in the Barborlaukis village, Dumsiai eldership, Jonava district. Since the beginning of the 19th century the Manor has been mentioned as an independent economic unit. In historical sources the Manor is called by various names: Barbarypolis, Baripolis, Barboriškės. 

It is believed that the Manor was established by the nobleman Konstantin Dragat's family and got it's name from his mother Barbora. The old Barborlaukis Manor consisted of a rather large area, the boundaries reached about 6 km from Skaruliai and 2 km from the Neris river.

The history of this Manor was documented during the 'We preserve cultural heritage' event in 2005-2006, by the teachers and students of a Switzerland primary school, grades 3, 4, 7, 8 (age: 11-14).

Today the Manor is renovated and has new owners, the Remenčiai family. It was restored maintaining its authenticity and has already opened its gates for visitors. 

The manor hosts annual event called 'Barborlaukio godos'.

Location on the map:

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