Nemėžio dvaras
Nemėžio dvaras
Nemėžio dvaras

Nemėžis manor

The residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

The palace located near the highway Vilnius-Minsk belongs to Nemėžis Manor with a rich history. It is believed that in the time of Vytautas the Great, Nemėžis had a castle, a summer residence, where he lived with his family. Nemėžis was also mentioned in written sources in 1496, when Duke Alexander solemnly welcomed his fiancée, the Duchess of Moscow Elena, the daughter of Ivan III in this area. In the 16th century, the Tatars, brought to Lithuania by Vytautas the Great, settled in Nemėžis. The ever-changing manor owners were famous families of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Pac, Radziwill, Sapieha, Chodkiewicz.

Rich manor

In 1806, the manor went to Colonel Ferdynand Plater, in 1828, he sold the manor to Count Michał Tyszkiewicz. In 1836, a new brick palace of Nemėžis Manor was built. The manor house was occupied by the central administration of the manors of Benedykt Tyszkiewicz in Vilnius County. The main façade of the manor house was decorated with a portico with four columns on two floors, the rear façade had a pavilion and a chapel on the first floor. As early as in the 17th century the manor already had a water mill, creamery, breweries, and in the 18th century, it had paper and leather workshops. There was a tavern near the Vilnius-Ašmena road, and a blacksmith near the mill. In 1920, the power plant installed in the Nemėžis mill provided power to all the buildings of the manor. In 1926-1928, M. Bohvic bought the manor from the Count Benedyct Tyszkiewicz, after the war he left for Poland, and the manor was then nationalised.

The main palace of Nemėžis Manor of the 19th century, as well as a stud farm, oficina, a barn, fragments of a park with ponds, remain unrestored.
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