Paliesius Manor

The ensemble of Paliesius Manor is formed in the 18th-century end - 19th-century beginning. The manor consisted from the main palace with adjoining chapel, mews, barns, icehouse, and bathhouse. There was accumulated a rich library. The economic and cultural region life was closely related with Paliesiaus manor. From the 1736 Paliesiaus manor belonged to the family Kublickiai. They were officials of Livonia government and were related with Soltanai nobles of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Kublickiai lost Paliesius Manor after the uprising in the 19th century. At that time the manors hosts were changing. One part of manor land was divided into plots and sold for peasants.

Nowadays the house of manor owner was restored from the old manor buildings. The walls of the former barn were restored and adapted as the events hall. The farm building was restored on the territory of survived manor's foundation. There is a little bakery, two-story icehouse that was resurrected for a living, walking paths and fence that supports walls from boulders without a binder were restored too. On the foundation, logs near the northern entry is a wooden administrative-therapeutic house in which is based Paliesiaus physical load therapy clinic.

Paliesius Manor – perfect space for creative ideas, relaxation and entertainment:

The Concert Hall Horseshoe (Pasaga)

  • great acoustics for high-quality music recordings
  • unique space for concerts and performances
  • a cozy place for plein air painting and other events
  • stationary conference equipment
  • educational programs

The “Horseshoe” is the exclusive property of Paliesius Manor. The restored manor horseshoe shaped building has become a unique venue for various concerts and events. The hall accommodates up to 150 people. Large fragments of old horse stables are covered with modern glass and metal constructions occupying 500 sq. ft. meters area, which is divided into a few smaller halls. However, the feeling of harmony and unity of all common space is remained. The halls feature modern audio and video equipment. The horseshoe shaped stone masonry creates special acoustics, so the rooms are perfectly suited for music recordings. A lot of classical music concerts, conferences, exhibitions, presentations, educational activities take place in the “Horseshoe”. The concert hall “Horseshoe” boasts off having Steinway & Sons grand piano. The best Lithuanian and foreign classical music performers organize concerts in the concert hall “Horseshoe”.

The Hotel of the Manor

  • for overnight stay or for relaxing holidays
  • The Lounge of the Manor
  • fresh food prepared from products provided by local farmers
  • space for celebrations and other special events

The Environment of the Manor

  • excursions around the manor and its surroundings
  • walks along the old paths of the park belonging to the manor
  • orientation walks along the forest path of wellness
  • health programs

The Clinic of Physical Activity Therapy – the first and only licensed Physical Therapy Clinic in Lithuania and the Baltic States. The ailments are different in each body, so we treat each patient individually. The therapy of the Paliesius Clinic is based on the concept of complex treatment, while not only one body part but the whole body is treated. We are here to understand and harmonize the body, the psyche and the environment where we live.
Our goal is to help you discover and use natural healing powers through your physical activity

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