Vasaknos Manor

The Vasaknos Manor is located on the shore of Lake Vasaknos. Vasaknos (Osokno) is one of the oldest places mentioned in written records in the vicinity of Antalieptė. Trakai castellan Jonas I Radvila acquired Vasaknas in 1482, while expanding his estates.

For 400 years Vasaknos Manor was the residence of the most influential noble families of Lithuania: Radvilos (Radziwill), Pliateriai (Plater), Tiskeviciai (Tyszkiewicz). Boasting a breathtaking scenery, Vasaknos Manor is a perfect destination for romantic getaways.

Today Vasaknos Manor is a popular wedding and event destination among those looking for authenticity, quality, and beautiful landscape. Unique architecture combines the antique stone and brick walls with oak constructions, glass, and granite in a beautiful connection between the past and the present.

Vasaknos Manor ensemble includes a reconstructed Manor and a brewery, which had already existed in the 18th c., a lakeside sauna, a park with ponds and paths, preserved substructures of stabling and the original palace.

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