Maišiagala (Houvalt) Manor

The Houvalt Manor is located in the town of Maišiagala, about 25 km north-west of Vilnius.

The Manor is a classic-style estate located at the foot of the Maišiagala Hill Fort and is recognised as a cultural monument of local significance.

Historical sources indicate that people settled in the surroundings of Maišiagala at the times of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas, about a hundred years prior to the first settlements in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. It was there that Algirdas died in 1377. For a long time the territory belonged to the rulers of Lithuania. Later the territory was in the ownership of the noble Sapiega family, and later the Tyzenhauz family became the landowners. The Noble Houvalt family owned the estate from the end of the 18th century until the start of World War II.

In about 1806, Count Onufry Houvalt initiated the construction of a classical-style manor. It was designed by Mychal Angel Shulz, a famous architect of the time and professor at Vilnius University. Unfortunately, following his death, his idea was only partially implemented. The construction of the manor was completed by Onufry’s grandson, Vitold Houvalt, at the end of the 19th century.

Following World War II, Houvalt Manor was used for many purposes. During the war, locals found shelter there, and later, when the political system was changed, Houvalt Manor hired hands had to become collective farmers and resided at the Manor. It then became a collective farm office and following the restoration of Lithuania’s independence it served as a secondary school named after Grand Duke Algirdas.  

When the school was relocated, Houvalt Manor took on a socio-cultural role. Part of the premises were given to the city library, and this is the place for local amateur music companies and local community meetings. Today, Houvalt Manor (more than 200-years old) proudly cultivates cultural, artistic and national heritage.

Today the Manor houses the Centre of Traditional Crafts, also Maišiagala Cultural Centre, City Library, Community House, a local concert hall and a souvenir shop for visitors. Additionally, a modern conference room is available for rent. 

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