Burbiškio dvaras
Burbiškio dvaras
Burbiškio dvare

Burbiškis manor

In 1690, the list of courts in Vilnius Voivodeship mentions that Burbiškis, with five peasants’ yards or courtyards, was controlled by Pinsk Treasurer Trojamas Nepokojčickis. Later, according to the inventory of Burbiškis Manor drawn in 1729, the landlords of the manor were the Jesuits of Vilnius University, it was governed by Mateusz Woronicz.

In the period of Venclovavičius family

It is known that in 1752, Stanislovas Venclovavičius, an officer of the army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, presented the project of ordering a small manor to an architect Paweł Giżycki. Jonas Venclovavičius, the son of Stanislovas, is mentioned as the first owner of the manor of the Venclovavičius family, but his project was implemented in Burbiškis by his grandson Ivonas in around 1784.

In 1853, Anupras Venclovavičius built a new neo-Classical palace preserved to this day according to the project of a French architect. A park covering the area of 5 ha was planted.

Two of the four sons of Anupras, Henrikas and Anupras Venclovavičius, were the participants of the uprising of 1863, one of them was sentenced for three years in prison and the other was sentenced for twelve years in prison and lost his nobleman’s privileges.

From the interwar period to the present

Venclovavičius owned the manor until 1932. Shortly after, a year later, the manor was purchased by a priest Pranas Zabiela, a returnee from America, who established a church and a rectory on one side of the palace and a primary school on the other. In 1947, the manor was nationalised, only the school remained here.

In 1990, Burbiškis Manor was returned to the Panevėžys Diocese and then transferred to private owners. At the present time, the manor reconstructed according to the project of 1853 with special emphasis on authenticity is open to the public. A magnificent manor house is surrounded by a park with over thirty species of trees and shrubs.
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