Laukžemė Manor

Mentioned from XVI century

In historical records Laukžemė Manor is mentioned from the XVI century. At that time it was an economic unit of the Palanga (Darbėnai) manor, and in the 17th century it became an independent economic-administrative unit that belonged to the nobles Sapiegos.

In the XVIII century the manor passed down to the governors of the Palanga eldership. During XIX century it was ruled by German nobles: barons Mirbach, Medema, later Georgijs von Štempel, who descended from the German nobles of the Curonian gubernia. In 1913 Laukžemė manor was bought by prelate Konstantinas Olšauskas (1867–1933), a prominent clergy and public figure of the time, and Dr. Jonas Ipolitas Stonkus.

​In 1944 the manor was nationalized and hosted the headquarters of the collective farm board, later it functioned as a warehouse. In 1959 a major repair was done to the main house and the Laukžemė eight-year school was established and operated until 1982.

Laukžemė manor homestead is located in the village of Laukžemė in Kretinga district and consists of a main house, a barn, a cellar and a park.

Manor Today

Since 1982, for 40 years, the palace of Laukžemė Manor has been abandoned. In 2022 while the Manor was in a state of emergengy it was bought. The new owners aim to stabilize it's condition and implement reconstruction plans for the palace, establish a guest house, create new jobs in the village and attract more visitors.

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