Bistrampolis Manor

This manor has existed since the end of 15th and was owned by the Bistramai family since the end of of the 17th century until 1940.

The patriarch of the Lithuanian branch of Bistramai family was Jonas Kazimieras Bistramas. His son Jonas Evaldas acquired the manor in 1695, which was then called Barklainiai and it started to be called Bistrampolis in the second half of 18th.

Built in 1850, the palace of the manor has remained the same to date. The house is of classical style, rectangular plan and two-storied. The guest rooms were on the ground floor and the entire right side of the building comprised the large hall. The second floor was the representation area. Nevertheless, the ensemble of the manor covers 10 more remaining buildings, with the oldest one dating back to 1820.

Bistrampolis manor is the biggest heritage object in Panevezys district which was conceived to resurrect. Already traditional Bistrampolis Festival is being held every year in June-August.

The restored manor invites visitors to have a walk in a large 19th century park with ponds and bridges, to enjoy horses and llamas, play outdoor tennis, basketball, and mini-football. The hotel at the Bistrampolis manor offers accommodation, restaurant, conference halls, beauty and other facilities.

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