Hugo Šojaus dvaras
Hugo Šojaus dvaras
Hugo Šojaus dvaras

Hugas Šojus manor

In 1721, in the present-day Šilutė, a manor house was established, a palace in the style of late Classicism and Historicism was built, decorated with the décor typical of Klaipėda region. In 1819, Francis Wilhelm Radke became the owner of the manor.

In 1889, the old manor of Šilokarčema was bought by the landlord Hugo Scheu, one of the most prominent people in the Klaipėda region, who was active in the economic and cultural life of East Prussia. He established the first museum in Klaipėda region at the manor. The manor’s collections began with ethnographic material, folklore collections of the Klaipėda region, ethnographic furniture, clothing, documents, prints, and maps.

At the time the manor was governed by Hugo Scheu, its buildings were renovated, an English-style park with one and a half hundred species of trees and shrubs was started, and new ponds were formed. The landlord distributed a lot of land, donated it to the town, the land was used for a hospital, a market square, schools, a post office, a church, etc.

After the death of Hugo Scheu, the manor was inherited by his grandson, who moved to Germany during World War II. The manor, its museum, and the collections it had accumulated were left unattended and badly damaged. In 1945, Martynas Toleikis from Klaipėda became the first manager of the manor’s collection and the museum was transferred to the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

In 2015, the museum’s collections were returned to the manor. Hugo Scheu himself once said that it is impossible to imagine the museum without the palace, and finally his vision came true.

Hugo Scheu’s Manor houses the Hugo Shoe Museum in Šilutė, as well as the Centre for Restoration and Education, and an in-house library-archive. Currently, the museum and its branches have over sixty thousand exhibits.
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